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Been Born to Lametia Terme in 1952, he has passed his own infancy in the arancetis of Calabria and in long walks in shore to the sea. The blue intense, and the green of his pictures they together postpone to the feelings and the landscapes of the Plain one of Lametia to the tones and the ravines that characterize the coasts and the first layers of the Calabrian mountains. He has frequented the institute of art Ferruccio Mengaroni of Pesaro achieving the Artistic Maturity, excelling in the tied up subjects to the sketch and in general to the art. The first meeting with the Lombardy happens thanks to the military service, develops in Milan where, in the leisure time, it frequents the museums and the pinacoteches of the city. It begins the activity of teacher of "Three-dimensional Planning", before in Piedmont and then to the ISA of Monza where it lends all his own activity in the section of Design today. It participates in numerous shows and collective in Italy. Alive and he works to Villasanta in the province in Milan.
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